IQ Clawbot Arm Motor Overheating & High Pitched Noise

Hello all!

I am a tech teacher at a school and we briefly use the Vex IQ Clawbots for a competition. One of our groups created their Clawbot but the second we send a controller command to the Clawbot, the motor that controls the raising and lowering of the arm is giving off a high pitched noise and the motor is overheating.

I looked over the work, and it was installed correctly according to the instructions. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot or correct this issue? We just went over our 1 year of owning these and I am hoping we can resolve this issue.


Can you post a picture of the mechanism? Did you try a different motor?

Are you sure the motor is configured to move in the right direction? If it’s trying to move the wrong way (motor not in the expected reversed/non-reversed state) then the motor could be getting very angry and doing the scream.