IQ Clawbot Parts List

Is there a list available somewhere of all the parts used in the IQ clawbot? I have done some cursory searching of google and the forum but didn’t seem to find one.

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Here you go. I made up this list awhile back to help with re-sorting kits after summer camps. It’s also in the “files” of the IQ Coaches association on facebook:

VEX IQ Superkit Contents for (17.6 KB)

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Thanks so much! I’m doing exactly the same thing, and this just saved me like an hour of manual list compilation.

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Here’s the “best” way to resort an IQ superkit!

superkit foam instruction sheet.pdf (347.2 KB)


I have been jealously eyeing your foam inserts for about a week now (I remember seeing them posted in another thread a while back). We have 18 kits to sort…

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Here’s where you can order them:

I know they’re pricey, but is saves literally hours of sorting. Bonus: with these, the kids can do the sorting at the end of camp, any you just have to “spot check” the trays a bit to be sure it’s all correct.