IQ Controller & Battery issues

Went to use a relatively new IQ controller after it sat this summer. Controller woudn’t turn on; charged it overnight. Still wouldn’t turn on. Swapped out the battery with another controller. Now controller light blinks red on and off. I think this is “Controller Battery fault”? If so, what to do? Then tried to tether it to the brain. Screen displayed the connected icon. Then tried to callibrate the contorller, said “Controller must be tethered to calibrate” So I don’t know if it’s a brain issue, a battery issue, or something else… certainly don’t know what to try next. Thoughts?

Is the Battery hot and do you check the wires on your robot and on the battery?

Controller battery is not hot. Not sure what wires you mean to check. The USB cable and tether cable were both fine, good connections.

Usually this means that the battery is low. Have you charged the second battery after swapping it out?

IMO it might be a smart radio problem. My club has encountered a few of these because controllers are often used as weapons. Sometimes it will get broken or dislodged. I would check that.


That does not sound safe???


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Yes, we charged everything.

Yeah that’s what I guessed. It seems like you’ve tried a lot of things and that you would have thought of that. I’m not sure what the problem could be. I’ve never had it happen before.