IQ Distance Sensor Example Program not working

I am trying to utilize the IQ distance sensor with a two motor drive set up and the example program furnished by Vex doesn´t work. The sensor seems to function when I am testing it on the device setup mode. There seems to be many topics of problems with the IQ distance sensor posted on this forum. Is that why VEX has discontinued this sensor?

So what happens ?

Does the robot move backwards ?
Is the distance sensor (gen 1, ultrasonic sensor) plugged into port 7 and mounted on the back of the robot ?

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The sensor is mounted in front, not in back, in port 7. I changed the program to drive forward due to this. When I run the program after the gyro calibrates nothing happens. If I remove the sensor command the robot moves forward as expected.

Any help is much appreciated!

so presumably the sensor thinks something is in front of it, perhaps print the value in inches on the brain’s screen. Is the sensor mounted low on the robot and perhaps detecting the ground ?

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You are correct; the sensor does think something is in front of it. I tried moving the sensor up to a height 5-inches above the floor. I thought this would work because of some of the responses elsewhere in the forum. Unfortunately, the program still freezes immediately.

Also, when I check out the sensor under “Device Info” the brain reading alternates between 1-inch and 2-inches on the screen. This leads me to believe the sensor is bad.