IQ Field Riser

With the new field dimensions and running 4 field events, coming up with something other than 8’ folding tables became a priority. Each transport hold 4 field risers. 18" height. Here’s my final results. 1 2 3 8 10 11 34


That looks awesome! Love the cart for easy transport.

Any plans to share drawings/plans for these?


Nice! @kmmohn has some other designs too. I think.

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Very very very nice. How much does one of the carts weigh with the field tiles and the slats?


This is awesome. Particularly like the way that the Field is captive so it can’t slide around. Top job!


Each transport holds four field risers. Total weight of one transport and the four risers is 825lbs. I’ll be using a 12v 2000lb. winch to assist rolling up ramp into trailer.
I’m looking for an efficient way to transport four fields. This is what we used prior to the field size changing. IMG_4348


Here’s what I have for the risers. The sketches for the transports have been erased from my classroom whiteboard. I do have the illustration I did when figuring out how to pack the transports. My inside dimensions of the transports are: 28"W x 26"H x 100"L
Casters are rated for 1500lbs. GetAttachmentThumbnail Transport


I’m not sure if you have seen the vex team VIRUS tables, but they fold up and roll through a door without needing to be disassembled. Fold up, roll to destination, fold down. I’m looking into making some and to cut down on setup time. I would like to get an IQ tournament set up in less than one class period. :slight_smile:

But they would also roll onto a moving truck or trailer easily as well if taken somewhere else.