IQ Gen 2 Brain issue

We received out IQ Gen 2’s in September. We had issues with the batteries for the controllers and could only program the robots during our 2nd quarter with no issues. Now the we have new batteries (thank you VEX for promptly replacing them) we are driving and learning to program. Suddenly, the robots will not connect to the IQ software (we are using Mac’s OS Sierra 10.12.6). I have checked the Mac and it shows the brain is connected through the USB and it is detected, however, the brain is not being recognized by the IQ software. I have deleted and reinstalled the IQ programming software and it still will not work. As a work around, I have tried to use iPad’s to connect and download the programming via bluetooth, however, we continue to get an error indicating that the download has timed out.

I have connected the brains to Windows PC and even an iMac and no issues. The problem is we use Mac and iPad’s. Any thoughts?

Make sure you’re using the latest version of VEXcode IQ that has 2nd Gen Support - previous builds will not see the IQ 2nd Gen brain at all.

Second, our minimum testing for VEXcode IQ is 10.13. I’m not sure about 10.12.6 support as we do not actively support that far back.

For the Bluetooth Timeout, likely the compiler server is being blocked on your network. Take a look at this article for more info:

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