IQ Gen2 won't power up

IQ Gen 2 screen will light up when power button is pressed, but when released the screen turns off. Tried with several different fully charged batteries. Phone support at VEX doesn’t pick up… can anyone shed some light on what may be happening?

Hi @John_Fernandez and welcome to the forum. Could you please share images/videos of the problem you are experiencing so we can better help you? And just to double check, you are performing similar operations detailed in this article from the VEX Library to power on your Brain? An important note is if a battery is not used for a long period of time it will need to be woken up in order to power the brain. To wake up the battery, press the battery check button or plug it into a power source. For more information on charging and checking the battery level, view this article from the VEX Library. Thanks.

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