IQ Gyro Problem

Am trying to determine if the gyro on my IQ robot is functioning properly.

The robot is in the Autopilot configuration with left motor (port 1), gyro (port 4) and right motor (port 6). Under Settings/Device Info when I scroll down to Port 04 Gyro the brain shows the gyro moving at 0.3 dps even though the robot is not moving. When I try the “Move sensor to change” instruction on the brain screen the gyro does not respond.

I am trying to determine if the gyro sensor is bad. Is there another way to calibrate or troubleshoot?

Easy way to troubleshoot is to write a quick program that displays the “current gyro” reading on the display. This way, you can see what the output is, and if you’re increasing or decreasing as it turns.


Thank you Michael, I will try this!