IQ Motor works (sort of) but cannot accept update from VEXOS Utility

I have a VEX IQ motor that is approximately 2 years old. The motor is identified by the brain as needing an update. When connecting the brain with only he motor connected to port 1 the VexOS Utility shows that the motor needs to be updated. The display on the brain screen and on my PC screen show that the update is starting. The progress bar only makes it about a 10th of the way across the brain screen and no further. The VexOS Utility shows that the update fails and instructs me to power cycle the device(s) and try again. I have followed these instructions multiple times with no change in result. I have updated other motors and sensors using this brain and wire so I believe that the issue may be in the motor itself.

The motor can be made to operate via the brain menu and by a downloaded program so I know the motor does work.

Please help.

Thank you,

Arnold Mills

It could well be the motor, in which case I don’t know what to do.

It could still be the brain. I’ve had brains work fine for all but a couple ports. Have you tried restoring the firmware on the brain to make sure it’s not resulting from a problem in the brain? The way you do this is:

  1. Turn off the brain.
  2. Make sure you’re plugged into the computer running VexOS Utility.
  3. Hold down the up (^) and down (v) buttons on the brain.
  4. Start the brain while holding that pair down.
  5. Install the firmware in the brain.