IQ Programing

I have a question. does RobotC work for VexIQ?. I’ve been to coach an IQ team and I want to confirm if this is true. On RobotC theres an IQ tab in compiler tatget, coes that mean RobotC works for IQ

V4.08 (and beyond) of ROBOTC is compatible with both cortex and VEX IQ.

A quick Google search turned up a few interesting results. To simply answer your question. Yes, RobotC can compile to the Vex IQ, you program it just like a Cortex or PIC. However, there is another option. You can use a free Scratch based programmer called Modkit for Vex. ( This is a Graphical programmer that allows anyone to quickly program. Modkit is the way to go if you don’t want to teach C to them. There are likely more options out there that I haven’t found yet. Google is a good option for finding them.


Thanks. I know RobotC so Iwabted to make sure I didnt have to learn an all new program