IQ Smart Cables documentation

Since the VIQC season is now over, we are thinking about using our brain for other things. We’d like to run other types of motors with it (BAGs, NEOs, 775 series, etc.) We can’t find documentation as to which strand in the cable controls which output. Is there documentation somewhere about this?

See this

and the repo that it’s in.

This may also be useful.


From what I found in that link, the wire colors are not always to be believed because of 3rd party manufacturers. I found from the launchpad to the brain; are the same color conventions used for the IQ smart cables? Furthermore, I don’t see anything in there that describes the blue and black wires.

Appendix B of the first document shows the pin numbers and what they correspond to.

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Ah. Thank you. When I downloaded the first time, the appendices didn’t come along correctly.

The idea is to essentially use them as EDR-vintage PWM cables, clip off one of the connectors, and only hook up the Green, Yellow, and Black wires to a motor controller, with the factory end of the cable in the brain. So before we start cutting up some cables, would the brain still send signals and allow the motors to operate, if they’re not smart motors, and they’re not sending back any sort of feedback?


That will not work. The IQ brain cannot be directly connected to a conventional motor controller needing an RC style pwm input, it needs to communicate using i2c with whatever is connected to the port.


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