IQ Stem reseach project 2020

Our team is working on a stem research project for the state, Our project is gonna be about weather satellites and hurricanes, should we make a model of a satellite, Is it endorsed, or for this year topic we don’t have to make any type of model.

Ok so the satilight will probly be better because that are basically robots but won times the steam projects don’t do anything for getting in to state or getting an award but keep going you might still have a chance to get somthing

Make sure you read the STEM Research Project description and focus on what is in the rubric at the end of the document. That is how the judges will be evaluating your video and presentation. Visual aids could add to your presentation, but note that none of the items in the rubric specifically mention visual aids or models, so make sure you focus on the other things before spending a lot of time on a model.


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