IronWave 26 Preseason NBN Reveal

Greeting from IronWave,

We are proud to announce our 2015 summer robot build of the robot "Elevated". We have created a design that is able to pick up a stack of balls in just a few seconds and is able to fire them off quickly after that, with a great launcher included able to accurately make balls in the goal. Wednesday the 5th more info and the full reveal will be posted. Please feel free to ask questions, though we may not be able to answer some of them. Official Responses are from IronWave 26 members JordanIW26 and DanielIW26.

Just to hold your curiosity we have given a teaser photo.

It seems a really clean and solid built
2.75"omniwheels for drive?
top roller with intake spirals
I see pistons, it means 10 motors
those pistons are attached to the intake, so I suppose they are the main clue to intake a full stack
Nice design guys, waiting for the full reveal.

Nestor Ribero

Great robot!
I can tell its a single fly-wheel
You have a bite for stacks
And the thing that caught my eye the most was what looks like the old AA battery holder on the back :confused:

I believe that is a LCD :slight_smile:


To start off replying,

The AA battery pack is for the lights, no we are not illegal, it is directly powered from the brain without AAs. It is both LCD and AA battery pack tied together.


This will be revealed on Wednesday:D.


I expected this to happen, though it did not reveal much;).

That intake is actually shockingly similar to the one we’ve been testing on our prototype robot :slight_smile:

Great minds think alike.

Here is another teaser photo of the IronWave 26 Robot “ELEVATED”.

Monday’s teaser photo

Well congratulations, you have finally made a robot that utilized the vex bearing!:wink:

Thanks for the congrats, oh brother and former team member of mine :D. To let all of you who view this thread in on the inside joke… Last year for skyrise i built a double reverse 4 bar WITHOUT USING BEARINGS, ya LOL:). I bent a few shafts in 45 degree angles:). Moral of the story: USE BEARINGS.

That’s a good moral I would have wanted to learn for toss up, I rounded the squares holes of aluminium bars

I see what you did to that picture :wink:

What is that:confused:? And just to say skyrise was harder to aim in.

Here is the Tuesday photo of a decoration on the robot.
Tomorrow is the big release day of the full reveal, ti will be released around 12:00.

cough there are more than one 12 in day cough

cough which time zone are you in cough

I bet it’s noon in Central Time (UTC-6:00).

I’m ready to be amazed :smiley:

Its actually Central Standard, Although due to daylight savings it is Central Daylight Time. (1:11 right now)

Why so much hype/bumping? ._. the images after the first revealed nothing