Is 1 motor strong enough to spin a high rpm flywheel & intake?

I plan to make a 6m drive, use 1m for an indexer with a ratcheted roller spin mech. The last motor will be constantly spinning the intake and flywheel. Is one motor strong enough for both? would i have to sacrifice my 6m drive? or should i build a pneumatic indexer and scrap the roller mech so i have another motor for the flywheel intake?

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1 motor shuold work fine

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Most likely not. Spinning both the intake and flywheel is too tall a task for even the V5 motors (or a single motor in this case). When spinning the intake, the flywheel will not be powered, which is severely detrimental to the shot cycle speed.

It would be a better arrangement to connect the flywheel motor to a mechanism with less power required. Perhaps you could connect it to the index ratchet instead, and connect the intake motor to the 10pt roller spinner.

Or perhaps, you could use a pneumatic indexer instead so you don’t have to use the motor power for indexing.

TL;DR : use the least demanding subsystems on your flywheel motor.


This should work with the right gearing, but there isn’t really benefit to having a 6 motor drive this season.

The motor would heat up very fast though.

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there are a lot of pros for mobility because in order to be competitive, you need to be faster than the other bots. accuracy shouldnt be too hard to the main difference between winning and losing wil be who can acquire and shoot the most disks as fast as possible

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We tried to make a 4,200 rpm single motor flywheel. It worked but it was getting really hot really fast. I would recommend 2 motors for flywheel.

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I’m pretty sure that one motor can last for at least one game. you are going to use it for 45 seconds at most. Right after the match you can go hotswap it because I don’t think it will be hard to have access to that motor.

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for tipping point we just flipped canned air upside down and dripped the liquid nitrogen into the motor vents


I agree our original plan was a 6 motor drive but after testing we realized one motor flywheel just wasn’t going to work

Right now we are 4 motor drive and 2 blue motor flywheel 84 to 12 gear ratio

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So we are around 3500 rpm

After some getting board and doing some math I calculated that the blue motors at that rpm have 1 horse power

A 84:12 gear ratio on blue 600 rpm motors would be 4200 rpm?


those are not vents. They do nothing and are purely decorational.


What kind of canned air do you use?



What do you all think about using a ratchet or pto (power take off) mechanism to get a 2m flywheel when shooting? (or when accelerating, whichever is more necessary)

I feel like having a 6 motor drive world 3 be very beneficial for this game, as it seems like it will end up being very defensive.

Or maybe a pto from the intake to the flywheel or different mechanisms like was used a lot in TiP?

Not sure, but really want to hear some thoughts on this.

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(disclaimer im not competing this season) My current robot design is using a 6motor drive base with a double ratched intake, and then a 2 motor flywheel with a ratcheted angle changing hood, the roller mech is chained to the intake and indexing is using pneumatics


This sounds like a sweet bot. Can you explain what the ratchets all do in a bit more detail?

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using 4 ratchets, 2 for each side of the drive base, the intake will spin as long as at least one side of the drive base is moving forwards or backward

using 4 ratchets again, 2 per motor (1 for a basic flywheel ratchet, other for angle changing), the flywheel can be powered by 2 motors and if the left motor reverses its direction the angle of the hood will decrease, and if the right motor changes direction the angle of the hood will increase


what is a pto mech?

And yes I hope to do ratchets for lots and lots of power sharing.

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I’d like to believe your comment, can you show some of the homework that was behind it?