Is 450 rpm on 2.75 inch wheels good?

I’m typing this thread because I was thinking about switching to this drivetrain ratio but I also wanted to know the pros and cons of said drive train. Also would this make it harder to balance to the platform?

I am going to assume you are using 6m drive. 450 rpm on 2.75 inch wheels is pretty good, but a little on the fast side. This is equivalent to around 309 rpm on 4 inch wheels. This means you have slightly less torque than 200 rpm. You should be ok with parking if your bot isn’t too heavy , and you probably won’t win most pushing matches.


How heavy do you think the bot should be? Like around 16-17 pounds? Or even less? And it should be fine going up with two mogos right

Yes. Out old bot ran 200 rpm 4 inch wheels and could park with 3.

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21S one of soCals LA states champions has 8 motor 600 direct I think. So still not the fastest :man_shrugging:

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