Is 5.8kg heavy for 6M 360rpm?

Wondering how much speed would be affected

I would say it’s not bad.

What wheel size are you using? This would be perfectly reasonable on 2.75 inch wheels, but it would be pushing it and probably too fast on 4 inch wheels.

5.8kg (roughly 12.7 lbs) is exceptionally light. Are you sure your bot doesn’t weigh more than that? anyways, 6m 360 rpm (I’m assuming on 3.25" wheels) is perfectly fine up until around 20 or more lbs. I ran it on an 18 lb robot and it was just fine.


Please send a picture of your robot because that’s incredibly light. But yeah you will be totally fine with that ratio at that weight.

Be careful your robot might start flying :flushed:

It is so light for your robot
But if you bring some mobile goals, 333 is the best choice I think

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we are using 4 .125 inch omnis

Judging on the fact that my drive worked fine while weighing 8.5kg, 5.8 kg is certainly going to be fine. In fact, 5.8 kg is extremely light under this year’s standards.

Also, how much your robot weigh won’t affect the top speed. It will instead affect the acceleration (how long it takes to reach the top speed). Torque = force * wheel radius, while force = mass * acceleration.


well in that case, I would say it’s probably too fast. Your robot may weight extremely light, but the goals don’t and you will be adding eight by grabbing goals. Enough weight that you might have a lot of difficulty parking after driving around with goals. It is possible that you could make it work, as teams have been able to make 600 on 2.75" (which is slightly faster) work to some extent on 6 motors, but I personally wouldn’t go for it. 360 is more commonly used on 3.25" wheels, where it’s at a more reasonable speed.

we are still able to park relatively easily with 3 mobile goals. Speed wise our drivers seem to like it better than 333rpm

Sounds fairly average