Is a 4 V5 motor flywheel worth it?

Our flywheel is currently 2 V5 motors on a 1:25 ratio geared for speed. When we set both to 200 rpm the highest they can reach is about 114 rpm. We are redoing our intake and will have 2 spare motors. Would it be viable to just make a 4 motor flywheel, or should we attempt to reduce friction. We already have washers in between collars and metal.

edit : I can’t get pictures of it until tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

No , one motor flywheel can work. Try changing your gear ratio add grease and make sure you are using bearings.

I would recommend a lower gear ratio. 5000 RPM is more than you need to shoot flags from across the field. I am using one V5 motor geared for 3000 RPM, and it seems to have enough power.

I agree with @Cam, a 1 or 2 V5 motor flywheel should be able to work with a flywheel. Try looking for areas with high amounts of friction, which may be causing the 114 rpm cap you have.

We have been using bearings, and we will change it to a 1:15 gear ratio tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

Bearings will definetly help your case, but if you’ve got more than 2 on a single axle try to make sure they’re aligned, if they’re not they can significantly slow down your output speed.
Also, make sure your axles aren’t bent either.