Is a 6 motor drive a good idea?

So this year, my team is thinking of building a more defensive robot, with a 6 motor drive. In case you’re wondering, we will also have a 1 motor flywheel, and a 1 motor intake. Do you think that a robot design like this would be good?


As someone that has used this motor distribution before, I would recommend it. You will be able to have your drive go faster with 6 motors as well. I would recommend a 360 rpm on 3.25 inch wheels.

For the flywheel, make a 3600 rpm wheel and use 3 inch flex wheels. 45a has worked the best for me fyi. 1 motor is good enough if you double stack the flex wheels. Here is a video on how to do it:


606X method isn’t as easy to replicate I hear. I had issues that were caused by something else, but a lot of people are having trouble getting it to even 3k apparently. Just gear it up tbh, safer bet


We got our flywheel down to around 1.4 watts with this solution. No added friction, no slip


What tool did you use to cut that? That looks to me like a VersaHex Adapter with a metal HS insert in it, or am I mistaken?

We used an engraving bit on a dremel :face_with_spiral_eyes:

It’s a versa hub adapter that we widened at the bottom to accept a cut piece of 1x1 aluminum.

We just shaped the hole on the aluminum to fit the gear and put a capped axle attached to an insert to mate it to a shaft