Is a 9800 RPM flywheel good?

no, it is not. once i get in class i will take a picture.

We don’t have a feed, all we have is a pac-man gear pushing the disk into the flywheel.I am not able to have a feed because first our bot is to big, it is 17 and a half inches. Second, we have our last competition tomorrow and we don’t want to mess up our bot before it. Our school is not doing fundraisers for us and we are not gaining any money to buy any more supplies. We are not even able to buy flex wheels, we have to use a wheel with rubber bands. And I am in 7th grade and we don’t have a robotics team at our high school so we need some tips. This is our first year on metal and we have just started getting used to it.


Replace the bottom green big gear with just a 36 tooth gear. Your configuration will look like the 2 red gears spinning the metal gear. Then the shaft which the first metal gear spins on will spin a 36 tooth gear which is connected to the wheel. This is identical to what you have already have, except the green big gear will be replaced for a much smaller one. This will make your final speed 4200 RPM and should stop the overheating.

I would say that you should not have a 2-stage ratio. Just leave it as a single stage:
MOTOR (84 tooth) – > FLYWHEEL (12 tooth)


A 36t gear isn’t necessary on the flywheel shaft, if it is meant for a flywheel weight/crown then a 84t gear with the outer edges with screws and steel washers would work better than a 36t gear with the same assembly. Having the weight for the flywheel be farther away from the axis that it spins on will increase the moment of inertia, increasing the rate of fire.

No I only said this because I assumed the team did not have any blue cartridges and since they didn’t want to change too much, my option would be suited for them.

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For clarification, this doesn’t increase the rate of fire, just the rate at which you can fire. This is because the more inertia the flywheel has, the less it slows down after firing a disc. The rate of which you fire is determined by the indexer, and the maximum rate at which you can fire is defined by the flywheel’s moment of inertia.

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I agree, If your flywheel is overheating too quickly, switch to a lesser ratio of gears, like @WizardRobot33 stated, try an 84:12 Tooth Gear ratio. I wish I could help more! You could also try getting a sponsor from an industrial company. My club is trying to get one from Four Wheel Drive (Seagrave) Any Manufacturing company would be a good place to ask for a sponsor, make sure to be polite and use manners. The worst that can happen is that they say no, and you wouldn’t lose anything from that.