Is a cage to prevent descoring allowed?

I am on a VEX V5 team and me and my team are wondering if a cage around a goal to prevent descoring is legal. We saw it on youtube --> Thanks and please answer soon as were are already beginning building using the Crunchbot template.

I’m pretty sure that there was a Q&A about this topic. I don’t have the link to it but it should be easy to find

I can not site it as of typing this post, but I do believe it is illegal, counts as clamping to the field.

I saw a Q&A about this. There was a certain way that you have to make the cage to be legal.

But I am not sure what you have to do

Thank you for all your replies. We aren’t going to do this.

but just in case anyone else was wondering this is the QA link


see relevant similar post, the answer is it depends on how you make it

From that Q&A linked above, and 615, it sounds like it’s fine if the refs can remove the cage by pulling on the cage horizontally and remove it from the field without risking too much damage. So, the one like 81K made is in a legal gray area, since it really depends on how much tension is in the final few hinges.


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