Is a double reverse chain bar possible?

Is it possible to build a double reverse chain bar like a DR4B but replacing the 4 bars with chain bars. And would it have the benefits of both, those being insane height and near 360° range of motion?

I could see this having benefits in tipping point if it does work how I think it does because it would be able to pick ringles up on one side of the robot and have enough height to set them on top of the tall mogo while the robot is carrying the mogo.

I see where your going with that. But I don’t see how that would work. If someone had a cad of it that would be cool.

most definitely

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yes it would be possible, although not as stable and it relies on chain not breaking to work.

no because the reversing nature of that second linkage would cancel out the rotation of the first and leave you with linear motion. you could if you made the two chain bars independent of one another though, but in that case it’s not really a double reverse chain bar, it’s a chain bar on top of another chain bar.

this is indeed a good reason to have a lift with more freedom of motion. the best way I can think of doing this is to have one kind of lift, with a chain bar on top. so if you wanted to, you could make the bottom lift also be a chain bar, but I think a 4 bar or potentially 6 bar might be a better choice, because you don’t need that backwards range of motion from your lower stage.


It is absolutely possible, but I would recommend against relying on chain for that. It may snap even from its own weight and inertia, let alone rings and a hopper.

However, there are some examples of very functional and competitive chain bars, most notably bns’s floppy boi, Although a single itz cone weighed much less than anything worth lifting in tipping point.


Don’t…don’t do this


A chain drive that can itself reverse motion direction of the chain.

Depends on how many rings you want to lift at once:
ITZ cones = 118 grams
TiP rings = 35 grams

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