Is a Flip-Out mechanism necessary?

Hello everyone. Are team noticed that lot of robots are shrinking their drivetrains, and move their wheels back to have the tray up front. Are guess its to make it easier to drive into the goal zones without restrictions. We are planning to do the same with our robot. We thought if we kept our intakes at 18” and move everything back there would be no need for a Flip-Out mechanism and save us a hassle. Do you guys have any suggestion on how to go about this intake system? Thank you!

It could be done, but without a flip out you can’t gather as much cubes. I would advise against it, but at the end of the day it is your decision. As for getting in the goal zone easier, at least in my experience, making the drivetrain thinner helps out.

Do you think its better to have it flip up down or sides using hinges? And how close is your intake to the ground and tray?

Flipping down means you’ll have consistent compression, without using a locking mechanism. Ultimately though, whichever method makes the most sense for the size constrains of your robot is best, and both methods have proven equally effective. As for distance away from the ground, the optimal roller intake height varies depending on the angle of the tray. Different sized flaps and sprockets also vary the perfect intake height. There isn’t one magic spacing that fits all, so I’d just experiment with it. I’d recommend figuring out a consistent tray angle for testing.

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The hinge method allows rollers to fold out of the way when depositing stacks, so there’s certainly an argument for that method as well.


Dont use the hinge method. Unless your intakes fold up when depositing, then itll just hit the field walls and get stuck. Trust me, I did it and it didnt work

We have never had that issue while depositing 11+ Tall stacks into all the goal zones… I’m not sure what you are describing here

anyone got a picture of a fold down mechanism? it seems pretty good

I don’t have a traybot, but you would want it to flip up and have a locking mechanism keep it in place. A linear extension is only good for complex trays because they can still get cubes in towers.

How far did your intakes fold outwards?
Mine folded out a lot so I guess that’s the problem?

I have a lot of bands to it’s harder to fold

Is your intakes low to the ground and parallel to your tray? We had some problems with intaking and compression. Maybe some pics would help.