Is a Flipper Worth a Motor?

Hey Guys!
Me and my team is having a difficult time deciding if a cap flipper is going to be worth the extra motor.
We are going to be using V5, so we have that 8 motor limit to deal with. We are planning on making a 4 motor drive, 1 motor for the intake, 1 motor for the launcher, and (at the moment) 1 motor for the lift. Now, we want to know if it would be better to make a cap flipper with the extra motor or add the motor to the lift.
I have seen videos that use the roller intake to double as a cap flipper, however, that only works on the ground.
Other videos have shown that a specialised cap flipper on the lift can take opposing caps off the posts, flip them, and quickly put them back on, which seems like a very appealing strategy.
What do you guys think?

My input is that using a motor for your flipper will be a more efficient than using a forklift-style flipper. The most important detail is that the cap stays in your intake even after you flip.

although I’m not currently using v5, I think having a cap flipper is going to be worth it. if you can quickly flip a cap and return it to a post, that saves a lot more time than placing it on the floor, then flipping it, and picking it back up again.

If you decide to not use a motorized cap flipper I would invest the motor in something other than the lift. You only need one torque V5 motor for a lift since the caps aren’t very heavy, so you could make a parking brake or something cool. A really cool parking brake could win a design award maybe.


The cap flipper is probably best to have a motor attached to it, so it would be quicker and easier to flip the caps during competition. However, if you built the claw for the caps in a way that you could flip them effectively without a motor, adding an extra motor on the lift wouldn’t hurt.

Hope this helps!