Is a kicker on a DR4B Going to be meta? My team wants to stick with our low arc and extremely low placed slapper

What is the best shooter mech for vex over under?

i would say a slapper it hits the balls off really fast and depending on the banding you have on how far it would go. if you don’t want to get blocked. then put it on a double reverse four bar then you can shoot from high where you cant get blocked. And if you want to you can put a standoff on it and and make it where you can climb from it too. I can give you a picture of my climb if you want it it gets a c to b tier each time works really good. it runs on a 100 rpm motor to climb and a 5.5 to lock it.

Yes, please, we are looking for some help with a hang mech

will you share a pic of your bot so i can see it.

OK let me get a puck on Monday we are not is school and i don’t have a pic of it. and i will have of video of it climbing if you want to see it.


Sick camo. Assuming that is legally implemented under the restrictions of R8, that is AWESOME! I’m just using clear polycarb.


That looks a good robot.

Do you have a picture of your robot?

yes give me 30 mins cant send it to my compurter to my self

You running some 5.5 watt motors on there?

Yea, ours is 30 RPM with a single slip gear but we are planning on going to a double or triple slip to get us to the equivalent of 60 or 90 RPM

I’m just gonna have lots of rubber bands in a triangle formation to try to help my pneumatics get my 4 bar lift up and down for hang

I think it is, we ended up taking it off because it was our first tournament and we didn’t need any warnings

yes we use a 5.5 for a locker.

I think in my opinion, the meta is moving away from the tall blockers and DR4B shooters. Although people are trying to just build taller than everyone else, we will eventually get to a point where the drive team won’t be able to reach the loading mechanism. If you watch One World Finals at UC Berkley, balls being fired barley hit the double digits, with most teams bowling 1 or 2 onto the front and then going to score them as in high level matches the fight is for ball control instead of shooting balls over as the opposing alliance could push it away at any time.