Is a "pooper" necessary?

So our teams robot this year doesn’t have a “pooper” to outtake the opponents’ balls after we suck them up. We are wondering: do we really need one? Our thought was at early competitions it would be more beneficial to leave the opponents’ ball in the tower, than to spit their ball back out where it can be easily put into the top of another tower. At early competitions I would think that most teams won’t have the capabilities of cycling balls that fast, so rather than dumping their ball out, we will just leave it in the tower where it is harder to get. Please share your opinions on this subject. Thank you!

Yes, a pooper is necessary for being able to get higher skills runs since the opposing color balls count against you.


i would use it cause it sounds cool

but actually though, the pooper makes cycling more efficient imo. Even if the opponent is able to retrieve their ball, it’s gonna take time for them to get it.


Necessary? No.
But seeing as there are basically no downsides to having a pooper, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.


Ok. I was just wondering if we have to change our whole design. I think we could have a macro that we press and it discards one ball to the side or something.

There are downsides if you try to make it and it doesn’t work properly. Only make one if you think you can make it well and that it can benefit your matchplay/strategy.


well yeah, anything can have downsides if you don’t build it properly.

but it’s really not hard at all to make. if you have the ability to make a fast hoodbot without a pooper, then you should be able to make one with a pooper no problem.


Necessary? No. Good idea? Yes!


Would having a pooper make driving in skills or matches as a whole easier/better?

Better, yes. But it is a bit more difficult to drive.