Is a two wheel drive a good idea?

We’re considering a two wheel drive because of difficulties with motor placement, would it work ok?

Can you elaborate? This discussion is labeled Tower Takeover, a game from a few years ago, and I’m not really sure what you mean by a two wheel drive. What is the placement of the wheels?


It isn’t recommended or really popular because of the lack of control that you get in a 2-wheel vs a 4-wheel. It also holds a problem with power and 2-wheels do not consistently provide enough power. Then again, it all depends on your objectives.

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Two wheel drive is a very bad idea. You would have a hard time balancing and have metal dragging on the ground.

Two motor drive is a bad idea, however it can still work. This year’s game has a lot of pushing/shoving and rushing for game object. You will be worse off, but it can still work.


You can do two motor drive but I suggest you use a gear drive hope this helps.

4 is what I would minimum reccomend bcz balance is an issue savinf motors is good but the drivetrain is somehting you shouldnt cheap out on

Ok thank you for the reply, we’ll think of a way to figure out how we can use 4 motors.

When you have a drivetrain you must always have a minimum of three points of contact on the ground for stability. If you are going with two wheels then simply add a third wheel that freespins on the back of the robot, similar to the Lego mindstorms robot


In my experience 2 motor drive doesn’t work because of how heavy the robots normally are. It will definitely slow your robot down and lead to overheating problems with the motors. I would use 4 motors and if you need to, use gear trains/ chain to get you motor to better location on your robot. If your talking about 2 wheels then it would definitely not work as @Connor said above.

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The problem we’ve been having is that the gear don’t exactly fit for us, we’ve been trying to deal with this but its not working

I’m pretty sure you are all misunderstanding the question. My car has 4 wheels on the ground, but it has two-wheel drive. In other words, only two wheels are powered on this robot and there are no gears or sprocket and chain connecting the two wheels on one side together.

It can be done and has been done by plenty of teams. One problem is that you may have issues with popping wheelies and tipping depending on how much power is going in and where your CG is located. Another is if you get stuck on a goal or ring, you may not have powered wheels contacting anything to try to get you out. You probably want to tie it together in some way to avoid these obvious drawbacks.


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