Is anyone having problems with modkit being really slow when you have a long code.

Is anyone having problems with modkit being really slow when you have a long code. We have tried two different computers and the same thing. The kids put 3 shorter codes in one with a led touch separating them. We have to hold the mouse for like 30 seconds to drag. Also slow to save. If we have a little bit of code it is faster. Please let me know what is wrong.

How long is long? Yeah, deffo had problems with long threads getting corrupted and being very slow.

We put some code in, but stop right before you have to scroll down. Then we put a ‘broadcast start2’. Then we start a new column of code with a ‘when start2’ and continue from there. Seems to work well.

@Macgyver I’ve also done the “broadcast start2” trick to break things up. But I’ve also run into problems doing too many broadcasts, the handler seems to bork out at >5 broadcasts.

Can’t say. We did not go beyond 5 of them. I would look at combining code… making some statements that can be called in a fewer # of lines of code.
Or get a faster pc.

Yes! We used ModKit on iPads and ModKit on laptop, the local version (not Internet version). A long program (more than a screen worth of blocks) made it work VERY slowly. My elementary students had no patience with it. Maybe the online version is better with regard to speed.

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Switch to the new VEXcode Blocks. It’s Scratch 3.0 based and much better than Modkit.


How well does it work? I would use Chromebook or iPad. Is it buggy? I am planning on using Robot Mesh Studio on Chromebook this season.


I’ve only used PC/Mac versions and it has been excellent, far better than Modkit. RMS is also a good option.

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