Is anyone interested in buying Cortex parts

My team has 5 or 6 sets of Cortex microcontrollers, joysticks, and other parts, and I was wondering if anyone would want to buy some. We have 5 microcontrollers, some AA chargers without batteries, and controllers. Most of the batteries are dead, but may still work. Most of the motors have broken wires but could be resoldered.

I have not talked with my team about the price, but I was thinking around $75-$100 for the cortex microcontroller, and $50-$75 for the joystick. If this is too much, we would be willing to sell it for less. Also, I forgot to mention that we are in North Carolina, but we could ship parts if needed.

You may want to consider donation, many teams have done that.


I may of put the price too high, I would be willing to sell for less. My team needs some money to buy some newer parts, and we would like to clear out space for the new parts.

The likelihood of people buying cortex parts is pretty low. I would suggest donating your cortex parts to free up space, and start fundraising. You can sell raffle tickets, ask local business for sponsorships, see if your state has any grants for STEM programs. There are lots of options for raising money for a vex team, especially if you have a robot or awards to show off. People like supporting successful programs,


Unfortunately I don’t think you are going to get much success in trying to sell old obsolete electronics. They just don’t have any value anymore. If you check eBay for completed listings you’ll find Cortex systems that sell for $10-15 on the high end.
You are probably better off seeking out other sources of funding, such as sponsorships or looking into service fundraising opportunities. Do you have any pro or semi-pro sports arenas that allow groups to sell concessions for a cut of the profits? How about offering a summer robotics camp? You could even use the Cortex equipment at the camp.