Is Chassis the right size??


For the Starstruck challenge the robot can’t be over 18x18x18. I ordered the Chassis 35x35. I noticed the measurement on the product said 17.??? so that’s under the 18x18x18 right?

Thank you

it should be 17.5, which means that you will be able to use that piece without cutting. but make sure nothing is sticking out, and double check before going to a competition.

Yes. 17 is under the 18x18x18 inch limit. The 35 probably refers to 35x35x35 cm.

Nope, 35 refers to the hole count. 35cm is a little over 14"

And the holes are spaced at .5" intervals, so a VEX part with 35 holes is 17.5" long.

Actually, 35x35 chassis is 17.598x17.598" per the product page.

Don’t confuse the utes… :slight_smile:

The 35-hole stuff is 17.5", so it should be legal for competition, as long as you don’t put anything that protrudes significantly on it.

Oh thanks. Okay good to know what 35 means. I have a Girl scout Troop so we are new to This level. We where VEX IQ last year.
We have lots of learning to do. Thank you so much for your help. I’ll have more newbie questions when we get stumped

Since that is for the entire chassis, that is most likely including screw head thickness, etc. to give the extra .098" in each direction. The metal itself when it comes is usually right at 17.5". The IFI accuracy on the sheet metal parts is pretty good.

Related question. I have a team that created an octagonal chassis. At the first event it was called into question that it was not legal size. It is basically a 17" square with the corners knocked off. Is this not legal? I had a team 2 years ago with the same chassis type and it was never questioned. Similar to the one picture attached thanks!

If it can fit into a cube 18"x18"x18" it is meets the size requirements.

Thanks lacsap! They were actually using the sizing 18" tool |—| and trying to run it across via the corner slants. That would be like trying to run across the rectangle chassis at a diagonal or about 25" span.

I was going to add that a 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper’s diagonal is 14" but would fit in a 12x12 box …