Is hang worth it?

I was wondering if hanging is actually worth it. When you stop and think about hanging you just get 12 points for the high hang. If it takes you 15 seconds to hang then you would only get .8 points per second. If it takes you 10 seconds to hang then it would be 1.2 points a second. This seems like a lot until you look at how much a star and cube is worth. If you have a star in the near zone you you pick it up and put it in their near zone that would be a 2 point swing. So it would only take 6 stars (or 1 cube and 4 stars) to counteract the hanging. So if your scoring mechanism can pick up 3 stars and it takes you 4 seconds to put those over the fence. Then if it takes 7 seconds to get over to a new group of stars then you can score 6 stars in 15 seconds. I want to say that hanging would cost you more points if you had 13 or more points on your field. I can only think of a few situations where hanging would be your best option. I am interested in what other people have to say about this

Yes it is worth it. It will not take teams 15 seconds to hang. We can hang in about 5 seconds if executed correctly. That includes lining up and hanging.

The 12 points out of the total value available on the field is a large percentage. But your robot should definitely not sacrifice star/cube capability for hanging.

This has been discussed before. It seems that to most people, the general consensus is that hanging CAN be worth it, depending on how fast you do it. If i remember right you’ll probably need about a 5 or less second hang to make it worth it, according to what was said.

It all depends on the match too. If youre with an alliance partner that can / throwing stuff over to couteract the opponents new scored objects its worth it. Id youre with a bad push bot game objects are definitley more important

Also, as mentioned above, it definitely matters on the exact alliance situation. If your partner is good at quickly getting objects across, they can keep doing that until the end of the match while you go hang. The division of labor in the game is probably more important than blanket statements like “hanging is important”.

hang if definitely worth it in my opinion for skills though. 24 possible points

In our opinion a hang is definitely worth it, if the robot can hang consistently and efficiently.

It will boil down to being able to hang very fast and efficiently. In the events so far here in WI, by the time you get to the Finals and you have 4 very efficient scoring robots, it has been very hard for the hanging robots to even consider hanging for fear of having their opponents (now 2 on 1) dump more than 12 points over the fence (which could be up to a 24 point swing). I am not sure exactly where the break even point for the hang would be in order for it to be effective. The ability to hang quickly also assumes there are no objects in the way. We have robots that can toss cubes into the hanging corner. I think it is possible to neutralize hanging.

It’s worth it for skills but not so much for qualifiers or eliminations. I believe this because if you can dominate the field during matches then why go for it. Its not like NBN where you couldn’t descore points of the opponent team. Hanging could definitely help for close matches though.

Heck, I can do it in about 2-3 seconds, if the objects are in the right spot in relation to my bot. And I don’t even have the best bot out there.

I’d say this time assumes that they are somewhat near the hanging pole, in which case I find it to be quite believable given enough practice.

Agreed. We have developed a device that require tuning, but will allow us to slam into the pole and auto align. In reality, if you have a deficit larger than twelve points, three seconds won’t fix it.

Agreed. Even if you cannot hang in programming skills but only in driving skills, the 12 points are still worth it.

In my opinion, hanging is worth it if you are winning and have a good alliance partner because it’s a guaranteed 12 points that can not be descored. If you are losing then it is beneficial to score game objects because of the large point swing. I also feel that 1 v 2 situations shouldn’t really occur as most advanced teams should be able to hang within 5 seconds.

I don’t blame you for healthy skepticism. We have our state competition tomorrow and Saturday so we don’t have time to get a video right now. But after states we will try to come back and do that. We can definitely do it in 8 seconds. If we are already in that area of the field it only takes us about 5-6 seconds to line up and do the hang.