is Intentionally Pushing/Hoarding cones illegal?

Is intentionally pushing or plowing multiple cones w/o using a concave portion of a robot aloud?
Here is what the rulebook says

It says pushing/plowing isn’t possessing, so I don’t see how it wouldn’t be legal.

according to the line below it the rule is in place to prevent hoarding, so i guess its not aloud?

My interpretation would be that possessing multiple cones for the purpose of hoarding is supposed to be prevented. I believe, like in NbN, trying to hoard through pushing without technically possessing is legal.

Technically, it would be legal as long as you had a straight plow, however it would be violating the spirit/intent of the <SG9> rule and the referees may disqualify you.

Wait. What? It is or isn’t legal according to you? 1=0?

Rule SG9(rule that prevents possession of more than on cone) has this note after it in the game manual:

“Note: An intent of this rule is to prevent Robots from hoarding Cones by pushing them. The intent is
not to punish Robots for pushing Cones that are in their way.”

The way I see it, it is illegal but they cant have it as a direct rule because then there would be confusion as to when you are pushing cones out of your way and when you are hoarding. The real problem is that the manual does not define hoarding.

The side note about hoarding does not require a definition - hoarding isn’t specifically illegal, it just clarifies why the rule is in place. If you can pick up one cone at a time to hoard, good for you.

When in doubt of the legality, just don’t do it until the rule is clarified. Best way to avoid consequences.

“Allowed” means permissible, “aloud” means it was spoken out loud.

Pushing with a flat plow isn’t gonna score more than a few points. I’d rather have the most basic clawbot then the most advanced pushbot