Is it a no-no to cut stand offs?

So, I need stand offs shortened and I have to cut them. Can I or is that a bad thing.

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I know it is a weird question but it is serious.

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The answer is yes, if you need a specific length I would add in nylon spacers of the lengths needed. Cutting standoffs can lead to the internal thread breaking ( Moving slightly ) so the screw cannot fit into it. Hope this helped

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Not really, unless you are prepared to re-tap them cuz it will mess up the threading

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Just know that they aren’t threaded all the way through so you would need to re-thread them as 224X said. Also the 3” standoffs aren’t drilled all the way through, maybe 3/4” on both sides. If you could get out of it I would recommend just using spacers to fill in the empty space as Eclipse said, but it is doable.

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I need it shorter but i can’t get the smaller stand offs. i could use drive shafts instead of screws to secure bars.

Plz don’t do this

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Standoffs longer than 1" don’t have threading all the way through, only about 1/2" on each side. An alternative to cutting standoffs would be to use smaller standoffs and nylon spacers, or by using longer screws (1"-2") and nylon spacers.

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So our DR4B is having the base tower c channels that will connect to the middle tower not be powered. So we were going to use a screw to keep the bar on but still go across both towers on each side

Like I said. I don’t have smaller standoffs and I can’t get them unless I buy them Myself. I might be able to scavenge a few that is floating in the box but i might not have enough. I could do like you said about shorter then spacers. I will talk to my builder and we will work on the robot this weekend.

We are using the big big screws that somehow don’t reach

How long? Can you use a 2” bolt with spacers?

I don’t know how short i need it but it needs to be a little smaller. Not a lot but a little smaller. I can just try to find smaller stand offs and spacers but i was wondering.

And you don’t have 2” standoffs?

The screw is a problem but i can’t change the length of that

How long is the screw?

we are using them right now

2 inches is the screw but don’t we need bearings on the moving part? If so then the screw will be short since that will add length

From the sounds of it you might be able to trim off maybe 1/4 of an inch from the standoff to help, you just won’t be able to use 1/2” bolts on it.

If you put the bearings on the inside of the mechanism then no, but that can mess with spacing.

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