Is it a violation that my robot accidentally possess more than 2 balls during automonous period?

Is it a violation that my robot accidentally possess more than 2 balls during automonous period? I mean the balls shot from other robots accidentally fall into my robot or fall in the middle of my robot’s automonous routine.

Technically it’s illegal, but it would only be grounds for a disqualification if it was match affecting. In other words, the third ball would need to score extra points in autonomous mode that affect the outcome of autonomous (you would otherwise have lost auton, now you won auton) and then the auton bonus needs to be match affecting (you won by less than 8 points). Obviously this is really unlikely.

The other thing is opponents can’t intentionally launch objects onto your side of the field to block your auton from working, nor can they force you into a violation. The cause would have to be dumb luck.

Did this happen at a tournament you were at? Was there a call you disagreed with?

… and my wifi just crashes as I am typing a response. Yeah, Anomaly’s response is essentially what I would have said.

Actually, I’m preparing for a VEX U tournament, where autonomous lasts for 45s and during our practice, there is about 10% probability that this will happen, either from my robot or opponent

Where, on your robot, do you think a third ball could get stuck? If you’re worried about that, then I’d just find a way to block it off.

I think my worry would be about accidentally intaking two balls simultaneously while already possessing one, not so much about getting one stuck somewhere.

Oh that makes more sense…
Well I’d assume that if the auton program only shoots 2 balls, the third one won’t even come into play and should not be considered match-affecting.

Sometimes my robot will intake 3 balls accidentally, sometimes the ball shot from my robot goes back to my robot after hitting the flags (because my robot uses a catapult). If there are 3 balls in my catapult, it will also affect my catapult’s peformance. weird thing always happen during long 45s autonomous period.

Lol. I’m in VRC, and just about shot myself with the short auton.