Is it againt the handbook to use VEX AI electronics?

So I know that VEX AI was debuting during Tower Takeover last year. But they, however, never specified (I think) whether or not you could use the VEX AI electronic parts. (GPS, Vision System, Inertia, etc.)…? Does anybody know about it???

VEX AI electronics are only for AI, not VRC, if that’s what you’re asking

Read the handbook and report back!

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If you go to the what is new page on you will find that they are releasing a optical sensor, rotation sensor, and a distance sensor. It’s bascily AI parts for VRC. Pretty cool if you ask me.

P.S. No, AI electronics are not allowed.

It wouldn’t have it in the handbook yet. They’re only available next season. I was just asking if it would be legal to have AI parts.

This would seem to be a question easily answerable by reading the rules. What do the rules say?


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