Is it allowed to cut flex wheels and attach them to claws for better grip?

I know that you are allowed to use a material only if it is officially from Vex, but does that apply to this situation? Rule R15 states, “ Physical modifications, such as bending or cutting, of legal metal structure or plastic components are permitted.” I’m still not sure though.

its legal. people did this last year for passive rollers and for custom traction wheels. As long as you use the vex flex wheels

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Yep! As long as the flew wheels are from VEX, you can absolutely cut them. I have seen plenty of teams do that! Good luck :smile:


What part of the rule indicates that this is illegal?


I asked one of my teammates and they said it was illegal

The inspectors at a tournament will make their rulings based on the rules in the game manual, not on what your teammate says.


Maybe kindly advise them to read the game manual more closely…


Well if your teammate said so, then who are we to argue?



I suggest you have your team mate read the game manual to find where it says cutting flex wheels is illegal.


I’m too innocent, I’ve only been doing vex for a year.

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In that case, some pointers I have for you are to:

  1. Learn more about the field and the game (Game Analysis)

  2. Study the Game Manual

  3. Maybe watch some previous tournaments/scrimmages so you can get an idea of what the actual competition looks like

  4. Learn more about the VEX parts/conduct research on them

  5. Learn more about improving your performance

  6. Work on Skills

  7. Review good examples of notebooks to get an idea, and actually do the notebook

After you do all of this, then ask your questions about what you want to know more about. Trust me, this will help you greatly for your season. Good luck with this season!


if you cutting the flex wheels for a claw it might be easier to use the flex wheel’s to grip the pole.

While the game manual doesn’t prohibit you (or your team) from cutting flex wheels, your coach(es)/mentor(s) may. (Parts cost money, cutting a flex wheel is a relatively permanent change). I would suggest double-checking with your coach/mentor before making permanent changes to parts if you have not yet done so.