Is it allowed to make changes to the robot during a tounament?

If our team have made two different modules aiming at two different scoring tactics. Either of them can snap onto the current base but not at the same time. Can we switch between modules based on our team partner’s bot and tactic during the tournament? Can we get the robot certified with both modules at the initial inspection?

Also, what about “minor” changes such as adding & removing some parts? Assuming the modified robot will still be compliant to the rules.

From the manual, which I would recommend you read thoroughly:

<R1> The team’s Robot must pass inspection before being allowed to participate in any Matches. Noncompliance with any Robot design or construction rule may result in disqualification of the Robot at an event.
a. If significant changes are made to a Robot, it must be re-inspected before it will be allowed to participate in a Match.
b. Teams may be requested to submit to random spot inspections by event personnel. Refusal to submit will result in Disqualification.
c. Referees or inspectors may decide that a Robot is in violation of the rules. In this case, the team in violation will be Disqualified and the Robot will be barred from the playing field until it passes re-inspection.

Yes, you can make changes to your robot. Such as having a single base that you can place different manipulators onto. What you need to be sure to do is have all configurations inspected and pass.
I’m not where I can get to the rules, but if you look into R1 as above, you will see that there are 3 portions that make up a robot and you are allowed to make changes to some of them.

Our roboteers make changes at events all the time. We say if you made big structure changes then get reinspected. It’s mostly size, so it goes quickly.

Good to know! Now we can have more flexible tactics in team challenges. Thanks!