Is it better to have a speedy drivetrain or a drivetrain build for torque

Hello, I was wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a drivetrain built for torque versus a drivetrain built for speed, and which is better for a robot like mine, which can hold only 2 goals with a 4 m drive and a ring intake. Also, is there a good gear ratio for each of these or one that would allow torque for climbing while still having good speed?

ideally you want a mixture of both. But it’s difficult to compete with 6m drives since they can be good in both aspects, while 4m drive can only be good in one or mediocre in both.

for 4m drive though, I would probably recommend 3:7 on 600 rpm cartridges using 4" wheels, giving you 257 rpm. This isn’t terribly fast, but it’s not slow either and it isn’t too weak. Still outclassed by 6m drives, but it’s not awful.


So speed will win you the middle mogo in automas, but if you have possession of 2, being able to park is a additional 30 points so I would do a 1:1 with greens on the largest omni wheels and you’ll be average speed with the ability to maybe park?


4 green motor with geared 5:3 on3.25" wheels giving 333 rpm, this is fast enough to win auton and strong enough to climb with 2 mogo if your robot is under 20 pounds

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1:1 greens with omnis work for us to get up the platform (albeit, with slight difficulties). Our robot is ~22.5 lbs since we have no aluminum, and we can get up with one goal easily and 2 with struggles. Of course, a mixed drive train is better, but if i HAD to pick between really fast or really torquey, i’d go with torque because then one could control more goals and use the platform better.

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My team has 4 motor 1:1 with green motors with traction in the front and Omni in the back (both largest size). Our robot is about 20-25 pounds. We actually have an above average speed beating the other alliance to the goal in the autonomous rush 8/10 times. In addition to being fast we are also able to easily park with 3 goals, 4 with difficulty, 5 if we have our alliance partner helping push us up.

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