Is it illegal to have a GoPro on the robot during competition

I was wondering if it is illegal to have a GoPro (a small action camera) mounted to the robot during a competition. I and another team were wondering if it was ok to do this, as we would want to do a “POV you are robot” thing and it would also be cool. We think it should be legal as the GoPro might be counted as decoration, but we aren’t experts with the rules, so we would appreciate if someone could help us.

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Take a look at rule R13b:

EDIT: Sorry, just realized you posted this in the IQ category.

In VIQC there is no rule specifically prohibiting cameras as non-functional decorations. However, a GoPro is a fairly heavy thing relative to a VIQC robot, and if adding the camera makes a significant change to the robots weight and/or CG, then it could be ruled that the camera is “significantly affecting robot performance” (the relevant rule is R8) and in that case it would not be allowed.

Bottom line – ask your inspector/head ref and be prepared to remove the camera if they ask you to.


Ok, thanks for the info holbrook!

That’s an interesting point. A GoPro is 1/4th to 1/3rd of a pound. It makes a difference for us to reduce weight by that much so we certainly don’t want to add that much to a robot.

We’re the team that came up with the idea and we recently had to take our high hang off so now it’s a viable idea

Hello, thanks for the idea :smiley:

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