Is it just me or does anyone else think that Vex IQ had a better game this year than VRC

I had edited this cause I was acting stupid and forgot the point of vex is, teamwork and fun. I’m sorry if this had hurt you and i hope i make it o worlds probably not I live in ga we have the killer monkeys in ga

Most of the discussions about this game, its issues, and it not being the greatest, have already happened. Please use the search bar.

If you consider this a bad thing I’m not sure that VRC is for you.


Robotics and Vex is about creativity and allowing teams to express their ideas by building robots that can play the game. The Basic models like the claw bot and other designs are there to help students learn building and programming concepts. They also help students get introduced into the competition too. Although all VRC games can be played with the basic robots, the main fun is being able to modify designs to create a better solution to the game. By hoping to have a game where you can just “reuse parts from [your] dr4b and just do it again this year” is not the main point. Vex is all about having fun and learning. Even though you might be able to reuse some parts of your old designs, having to “build your own design” is the whole point of releasing a new game every year. Otherwise if people just wanted to reuse designs from previous years the game would get boring and there wouldn’t be much to learn. I don’t know if that made sense but basically I am saying that creating your own design is helpful, fun, and just a part of being in VEX.


yeah this whle thing was kindof a joke ill have fun in tic tac toe i guess

i met the people who just use the claw bot all year and never do anything else btw even when they can and should build another design, sorry my grammar is very bad if i had better maybe you would understand

I live in ga and things are really bad here, hope it gets better

oof yeah same like my dad whos a coach says my team is still practicing .but it is ga so its gonna be hard

Really harsh, my robotics team is going virtual for meetings

My brother’s in his second year of VRC and he watched both games and said he wished he had my game rather than his 'cause it would be boring, so no it’s not just you.

Initially I wasn’t a fan of Change Up, but after planning and starting to work on my bot, I think the game has grown on me. It might not be my favorite (that spot is reserved for ITZ) but it sure isn’t the worst.


I have 2 disagree

Having been an EP and a coach/mentor for many years. I have found that many people will decide they don’t like a particular game before they even play it. To me, that is like saying I don’t like (fill in a food) without ever tasting it. I reserve judgement on a game until I have seen it played and my teams go at it. Good Luck this season and stay safe out there.