Is it legal to compete out of state?

Hello, I was just wondering if it is legal for a team to compete out of state at a regional tournament and win an award, qualifying for a signature event?

You can compete anywhere! You don’t have to stay in your state

But the only issue is if we win an award, we qualify for their state championship and take away their spots

what? You qualify for your state championship I think.

It is my understanding that if you win a qualifying award at a comp that is not in your state, you don’t qualify for anything. I’m fairly sure the spot would go down the skills list, like with double qualification spots.


Yeah, the qualifications for the tournament are vague and say regional/state championship. Thank you guys for your help

I don’t believe you are allowed to compete in another state’s championship event. An exception might be if regions have combined events due to total team numbers or if an area decides to join another state instead of their own for geographical reasons. For example, in Wisconsin we have had teams from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan join our State Championship in the past because it was closer than traveling to the Michigan State Championship.

I am not sure this is correct. In Wisconsin we have had Illinois teams come to events, but if they win a state qualifying award, they do not earn a qualification, either to our state championship or to their state championship. The skills scores posted at the event do get recorded in the World Skills rankings, and many states pull from that to fill open spots in their state championships.


So there is no state wualification out of state, but if you win an award, will that qualify for a signature event?

Correct, you cannot qualify for your state championship at a tournament out of state.

Signature events do not require qualification. Any registered team may compete at a signature event anywhere, assuming there are open spots to register. (Note that signature events do restrict the number of teams from the host region.)

But for signature events, don’t you need an invite to compete?

Here are the details you want about competing in RECF sanctioned events:

  1. Championships are closed to teams outside of that region. Some regions may have States/Provinces that band together to hold a Regional Championship. When that is the case, only teams from that region may attend that Regional Championship.
  1. If there is a team competing at the event that is from outside of that region and wins an award that would have won a spot, or a team that double qualifies from the event (not from previous events or other methods), that spot will go to the next highest unqualified team on the Robot Skills ranking at that event. There is no look-back to previous events to see if a team has previously qualified. These spots will be filled by the Regional Support Manager.
  2. Teams that compete outside of their region will not be eligible for spots. However, their skills scores will be recorded and can be used by their region as described in the Robot Skills section below.

Signature Events have their own restrictions.


No, just need to register!
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This is no longer true. Texas has 4 independent regions, and you cannot win a place in region 4 championships by winning a tournament in region 2. The 4 regions will share the Texas spots at worlds, divided by the relative distribution of teams in each region.

As @lacsap notes, the same is true for any other cross region play: if you attend a tournament outside the region where your organization is based, you do so for practice only. Any awards you earn will not advance you to any regional qualifier. (You may still get an invite to the US Open, but that is a separate organization.)


Guess Im doubly wrong, my apologies. I learn something new every day, thank you!