is it legal to pick up goalposts?

Just a spark from my mind but, is it legal to pick up some goalposts and keep inside a robot as a container? It may change my strategy if it’s all right to do so.

Read here



A quick search for “move” and “goals” lead me to both of threads.

I think there has been an official Q&A answer to a question about putting goals onto other robots.

“Search” is your friend - Enjoy using it.


Anarkia, welcome to the VEX forum! From your address, you are in China, and it’s good to see a robot builder from China here on the forum.

It is legal to pick up and move the goals. It is not legal to move them outside the field or to drop them on other robots.

Have fun building robots, and please write more on the forums. We usually do not hear much from the Chinese teams until World Championships.