Is it legal to saw C-Channels?

Currently, I’m trying to make a lift but doing so with a 17.5 inch long C-Channel (which is all I have) will exceed the competition’s robot size limit. I don’t have any other C-Channel smaller in length left so my first thought was to saw 5 inches off of the C-Channel to turn it into a 12.5 inch long C-Channel, but I’m not sure if that is legal or not despite reviewing the Game Manual.

Any help on figuring this out is appreciated, thanks!

ur free to cut ur c channels to wut ever length u want it to be
r u new to vex btw?


Oh alright, thanks for answering my question :+1::+1:

and yeah I’m pretty new to VEX. 2 years ago was my first time getting into it and I competed in the Tower Takeover game for that year. I couldn’t really do anything with VEX the following year because of COVID but now I can so this is basically gonna be my second year participating


Read the “game manual” linked from this page: Competition Overview - Competition - V5 - VEX Robotics It fully describes what you can use, what you can modify and how.


Ahh I found the part where it says most modifications to non-electrical parts are allowed

R22 Most modifications and repairs to non-electrical components are allowed. Physical modifi- cations such as bending or cutting are permitted and may be done to legal VEX Robotics Competition metal structure or plastic components.

Thanks for the reassurance :+1: