Is it legal to shoot while high elevated?

If there is a thread relating to this please direct me to it.
I was wondering if it was legal to driver load balls and then shoot them into the net while high elevated, because that would be a very efficient way to make use of the last 30 secs, or give robots a huge advantage in terms of line of sight towards the high goal, and for that matter, if you could elevate a robot, is it legal to then drive them over to the goal so they could just dump balls in if you both are still within each robots’ individual 18" by 18" by 18", the total height would exceed 18" but from what I understand from SG3 and SG10, the volume of each robot is still legal right?
Thanks for your thoughts.

There is a recent and unanswered Q&A about loading driver loads while elevated, so we’ll see what Karthik says about that.

SG9 prohibits breaking the plane of any goal, so you can’t dump the balls in.

Otherwise, I believe scoring while elevated is legal

I would suspect that it is legal to shoot or even dump balls in while atop a partner (so long as you don’t break the plane of the goal), but my guess is that it is not legal to place driver control loads into or onto an elevated robot. It technically wouldn’t be touching the loading zone, which is just the area on the floor bounded by the diagonal tape and the field perimeter.

My best guess is that it is legal to do, so long as both robots are in their 18x18x18 restraints. But Karthik will have the final say.

how long does it usually take to get a response to these technical questions? does karthik discuss these topics with the think tank to come up with the best answer?

He often responds within a business day, but it seems he hasn’t answered any questions in a while. Note, this thread isn’t in the official Q&A forum, so Karthik isn’t going to respond to this thread.

Sometimes he says that they will discuss it, but usually it seems he knows the answer. Well, usually the answer is in the game manual.

that makes sense. i was wondering because i posted a question and still haven’t gotten a response.

Karthik ruled that it’s illegal to place driver control loads onto an elevated robot. I had thought that perhaps placing balls on a robot that is on a robot that is touching the loading zone would count, by extension, as placing them on a robot that is touching the loading zone, but this is not the case.

However, shooting balls into the goal (presumably picked up or loaded before the elevating took place) is legal as there is no rule preventing it.