Is it legal to use a bulldozer type device to shove multiple triballs at once?

Just wondering if it is legal. I have read much of the game manual but despite that I am still unsure.

Glad to hear you’ve been reading the game manual before asking your question. As you read the manual, keep in mind that the manual tells you things you must do, and things you are prohibited from doing. Specific game strategy and mechanism design are not part of the game manual, so you won’t find any wording that says “you can build a bulldozer blade.” Look carefully at the definition of “Possession” in the beginning section of the game manual, and evaluate if your propsed mechanism violates the definition.


I would add, there is a discussion of “plows” on VEXforum from about a month ago - use the Search function (magnifying glass in VEX forum) and search “plow”.

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Take a close look at the definition of possession. The intent of the rule is that you can push multiple triballs with a flat side of your bot, but if you have a curved plate on your bot to control triballs, you can only use that curved plate to control 1 triball at a time.

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Also review SG7, the one Triball possession rule.

I would also point out that the rule seems to have an additional addendum referring to possession of “An Egregious amount of Triballs”. My guess is that there is some discretion on the part of the referees to determine what is a violation of SG7.

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As for now, it is being interpreted by many that if you have a flat plane, you can push more than one at once.

So a bulldozer- like wedge would work, as long as it isn’t concave in any way.