Is it legal to use two types of polycarbonate glass on a robot?

Pretty self-explanatory by the title, my team is trying to find out if it’s legal to use two different types of polycarbonate glass on our robot (polycarbonate A and polycarbonate b are the glass types in question)

I’m guessing from R10 as long as your non shattering glass is legal it should be allowed. R10 states that your plastic doesnt have to be from a single sheet but does have to theoretically fit in a 12×24 area meaning that you should be able to use two different legal materials as long as it fits within this area.


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most likely no from this qna. However, I do recall from several years ago that a qna allowed different material plastics. It might it worth the time for you to ask a qna about this issue.

I’m not sure I follow why the 2 Q&As lead you to believe the answer is “no” since the clarification from the “Edit” link is about how all the parts need to nest into a single 12x24 sheet rather than not exceeding 288 square inches.

Admittedly the response (and question) do not directly address the question of different materials. However, one could make a reasonable argument that Teams are not required to literally use a single 12"x24" sheet of plastic allows one to mix-and-mix plastics, so long as all pieces on the robot can nest together within a 12x24 inch area.


My interpretation came from the statement that the pieces should “theoretically nest in a single 12"x24” piece of plastic." Using two different plastic materials would violate this statement because it is no longer going to nest in “a single piece”. While I can potentially cut two pieces of polycarbonate from the same sheet, it is impossible for me to cut a piece of polycarbonate and a piece of delrin from one single piece, as they are different materials.

Of course, what you said is also another possible interpretation, which is why I recommended to ask a qna about this later in the post.


In the revised Q&A it says:

nested perfectly to fit in a 12"x24" space

Teams are not required to literally use a single 12"x24" sheet of plastic

In the revised Game Manual, it says:

must be able to theoretically “nest” or rearrange into a 12” x 24” area


The rulebook doesnt say that it should best into a single “peice” though, rather, it says it should nest into a 12 x 24" “area” which implies that it doesnt matter if it is two different materials as long as it fits in the “area” given that both materials fit every other requirement for legality.

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