Is it neccessary to use a motor to track the back tracking wheel?

I’m reading the Odometry and I think I need to spend one more motor tracking the back tracking wheel.But I already used up all eight motor that the rule allowed.So is there any way to track the back tracking wheel without the motor?

Yes. If you look on the Vex website, you can buy optical shaft encoders which should do just as well as motors if not better.
Optical Shaft Encoder (2-pack) - VEX Robotics
A lot of people will use these instead of motors because you can connect them to non - powered idler wheels .

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Hold up. Are you using motors on your tracking wheels?


Frankly, I regard my left wheel and right wheel as the tracking wheel.Is there anything wrong?
I’m a noob in VEX competition.

Yes. In order to use Odom, you need to use tracking wheels. Tracking wheels are free spinning and not powered. If you are new to vex robotics I would recommend not doing Odom until you have a better understanding or programming hand can build a high quality robot.


I just found it in accident and wonder if it could be implemented in my robot.Thanks, you solved my question perfectly.
By the way, how many motors do you usually have in your drivetrain?

This year, most teams are using either 4 or 6 motors on their drivetrain.