Is it normal... auton

is it normal for people to not have an auton for the first comps



Although a simple forward and backward will get you a point, so really no reason not to have one.


well we r working on an auton but we needed to see how complicated it had to be. if that makes sense. cause we got comp this weekend and we running low on time. so we needed to see if a lot of people have auton first comp to see if we need to focus solely on auton or if we can get a starter auton and focus on driver period

Juts make your robot push the cube in scoring, then focus on driver

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A one point auton in your first competition will win you a lot of games, but in later competitions you need more than one point


BOOM 1 point and that will most likely be the most points every else will score for auton

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yeah that what we were planning if yal said people usually dont have one

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We didn’t have one since the robot still wasn’t done during competition…

Actually, the 1” variance in field setup kinda kills my larger autonoumous codes, so I found myself just using the 1pt code. It was either consistent enough, and the other alliance just didn’t have one, or they could outperform my larger autonomous anyway, so I just took the risk that their auton would fail.

Later, in eliminations at that same tournament, my alliance partner (a sister team) had no autonomous. So we sat there and changed thier code into competition formatting and gave them a simple 1pt auton. That actually won us really close matches.

So, the simple auton is much better than no auton. I even tried a larger auton a few times, but the small one would have sufficed without the additional room for error.

But it is very common not to have an autonomous. The simple auton wins you stuff because others just don’t have one. So you’ll need more later. But the simple auton can do it for you right now.


It is actually uncommon to have an auton for the first tournament that isn’t a 1 point, at least in Northern Indiana. Our team was actually the only team that had an auton more than 1 point at our first tournament this year

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yal just made me feel that much more relieved

At the same time a one point auton will give you a 6 point bonus if you win.


Not really, but with this game, you need to have attest 2 for each side because there are 2 goals per side and some robots might just have programs for only one. Our team is programming one for the unprotected zone, but we want to have 8 by the end of the season (one stacking and one tower for each goal zone).

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why if u do a tower it may actually help your opponents more than u. u do not know what they will do

If our teammate is stacking a bunch of cubes, then we are willing to take that risk and use that auton.

i wouldnt risk it but hey its your bot

It also will be good for skills, because of starting from scratch, we can just develop this program even more.

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I think towers are completely useless during auton.
most autons are not color-selective, there’s not time for that, so all towers do is multiply both of your scores to make it about the same.

the only time towers increase your auton score, is if you have more cubes stacked than your opponent. and at that point, you’ve already won auton, so no need to get more points.

unless of course, you’re planning on targeting a certain color during driver control, in which case dropping a cube in your alliance tower may be good, although, you are giving your opponents ample time to react to your strategy while the refs count up auton, which you’ve conveniently given away by putting a cube in a tower. unless you put a cube in the tower as a decoy, to trick them into targeting a color you want them to, but at that point your in too deep.


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