Is it Ok to have my lift like this

Well here is the story one of our members put the motors on the wrong way and they have 2 days till competition it works but is ok or should I change it?

Robot Lift With X-Drive.jpg

It looks like to me that it would work fine, but if I were you, I would unscrew the left side, take of the left arm, and put it back on the right way. I think it would work, but I wouldn’t encourage it. Good luck at competition!

There arent any supports on the sides of your shafts, you should think about adding some otherwise youll have issues there

Yah we already have it with different supports. This picture is from first day the guy built it

ok, so I personally wouldn’t build something like this with one side unsupported (did it once and had some catastrophic results hehe). but I mean depending on your application, it could still work. as for the motors being on the inside, with this design it really doesn’t make a difference strength wise. the only negative outcomes will be that your design will be asymmetric (won’t look as cool ;)) and more importantly your arm will be off center which might be annoying when you drive (mine is off center and it’s not that bad tbh). if you are thinking of making changes to your design, I agree with @optic you should think about supporting the axle on both sides. also, might I ask what the 4 2x15’s are doing?

That will work almost the same exact way a regular lift will, it will just look strange. Just make sure you support all axles on both sides and your lift should do fine. The motor orientation won’t change anything, except the direction of rotation, and will work just as well as a regular - mirrored - lift.

Good Luck at your competition.

I remember a few years ago, one of the top teams in Indiana experimented with a cantilever wheel design. It worked OK for them but they were incredible with their build quality. Ultimately, they abandoned the idea. Under the rigors of competition, it just is not a good idea.

what about the lifting part

It would work just fine like that, but I would just flip it around, shouldn’t be that hard. And also good luck!

Ok thanks everyone, I do have support for both sides of the axles and none are bending or getting screwed it just off centered but I don’t think that will do anything while I’m driving for the whole competition. As a result having the lift off center and using a X drive without any sensors if you try to go forwards it would go slightly to the right or left.

Those 4 2x15’s aren’t their now someone thought to put the cortex there so yah

If you plan on rebuilding after this competition, I would recommend rebuilding the X drive with the wheels on the outside. This will make a wider wheelbase. I think the wider wheelbase would be good because a 6-bar will have some of the weight outside the wheelbase, and presents a possibility for tipping when crossing the 10 point zone bar, or when being pushed. We did an X drive with the wheels outside, and the stability from this kept us from ever tipping so far.

Ahh thats what i thought it was for. But it seemed a little excessive.

Once I saw a team that had the entire back half of their robot covered in the 5x25 steel plates, just so they could mount a cortex, and 1 battery to it. facepalm

Lol. Over the years my cortex mounts have become more and more janky. At this point i just zip tie one side of the cortex to a random crossbeam

lol probably the worst one I’ve done is my last robot, it was screwed in with one screw

So thanks for all the suggestions, next competition I will be making a new plan this time cause my team clearly needs more help. My plan is a DR4B and a H drive and using zip ties a good idea for cortex?

@wranch having the motors on the other side of the axle will not affect their ability to lift for the same reasons that putting all motors on the inside vs putting all motors on the outside provide essentially the same result. As long as the axles are properly supported, the side that they are powered by does not matter.

An H drive is very unnecessary for this competition because strafing will provide almost no benefit over a traditional Tank Drive. And having a wheel in the middle will make getting over the starting bar almost impossible.

Sorry I mean tank drive