Is it ok to not perform finals matches at a tournament?

Hi all! So at a recent tournament, the judges had decided not to conduct any finals matches. Instead, they simply took the highest score from the qualifying rounds, and awarded those teams the Teamwork Champion Award. Is this ok or should the judges have also conducted finals matches? I ask because at the tournament, for the first 3 or so matches our robot was not operating properly but was still ranked high enough to enter the finals rounds. We believed that if we fixed it in time, we could’ve achieved a much higher ranking.

Thanks, Ankush

That seems a bit of a shame. In the past 3 tournaments were we won teamwork we were only ranked in the #1 alliance once. The other wins we came from a #2 and #4 alliance.

The VEX IQ Game Manual outlines that “typically the top teams will then participate in the Finals Matches to determine the Teamwork Challenge champions.” There may have been extenuating circumstances that required the Event Partner to make this event decision. You are welcome to share your questions regarding this event with your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. This contact information is available on this site. Thank you for your participation in the VEX IQ Challenge.