Is it possible for a member of a different team to write in another team's notebook?

Our class is separated into three teams with three separate notebooks. If a member from one team is unable to write in a notebook, and all other members of the team are also unable to write in the notebook, can a member from a different team write in the notebook for the team? (in terms of legality)

One of our teams has been invited to worlds. Due to this, the members of this team have been busy finishing other tasks in preparation for Worlds. This includes this team’s notebook writers. Because of this, their notebook isn’t prepared yet – and with more things to write as Worlds comes closer, the team is struggling to update it consistently.

Hmm, using the engineering notebook consistently is part of the whole design process, so someone else making entries without being involved kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

Specifically, what is “legal” is defined by the current game manual, so you won’t find requirements there. “Ethical” is another story. Are new entries just being made up for show? Is the notebook being written in arears to fabricate a story that the design process has been followed when it really wasn’t? Or are the new writers simply helping out to accurately document what is currently happening? Only you can decide. There’s really no practical way the judge(s) reviewing the notebook against the rubric will know who did the writing.

The requirements for engineering notebooks, and all other details of judging, are here:


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